TurnClean product in stock and ready for NRA!

A quick note to remind everyone that we’ll be at the National Restaurant Association show again in Chicago on the 18th to 21st of May. We’re on booth 10166 and looking forward to discussing how TurnClean and PullClean can improve hand sanitization in your restaurant (and sports bar, and coffee shop, and kitchen…). If you would like to book a meeting with one of our sales team, please get in touch.

PullClean is on Tour! Superbugs Exhibition Goes Global

After a very successful run in London’s Science Museum, the Superbugs: The Fight for Our Lives exhibition will tour India and China. PullClean is featured as a design solution that could help prevent Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR). PullClean, and our related CountClean hand sanitization monitoring product, are described as ‘elegant solutions to the problem of hand hygiene’.

TurnClean Limited Run is Launched!

We are delighted to announce that our new TurnClean product has been given a limited release and we now have test units running at 50 sites nationwide. TurnClean fits over the handle over turning handles, making installation very easy. TurnClean handles are suitable for single-stall restrooms and with PullClean, mean that we are able to offer full hand sanitization solutions to all facilities.

NRA Coverage: “From hand-sanitizing handles to automated food artists: The NRA show that was”

Altitude Medical’s OpenClean Technologies showed off a device that actually sanitizes hands as guests and employees leave the restroom. The PullClean sanitizing doorhandle — made for push multi-stall restrooms —  and the TurnClean sanitizing doorhandle —  designed for locked single-stall restrooms —  assist with a critical food safety component: hand hygiene.
The company’s CountClean technology offers real-time remote monitoring for hand-sanitizing compliance in restaurants and virtually all public restrooms, after initial introduction in hospitals, the company said.

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OpenClean Technologies Launches Advanced Hand Sanitizing Solutions For Restroom Doors

OpenClean Technologies an Altitude Medical company is pleased to announce their most advanced solution for sanitizing your hands as you leave the restroom. OpenClean Technologies consists of PullClean a sanitizing door handled designed for push multi-stall restrooms and newly introduced TurnClean a sanitizing door handled designed for locked single-stall restrooms.

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Smart Door Handle That Sanitises Hands Launched To Help Fight Against Superbugs And Other Infections

Invented by Altitude Medical UK co-founders, Dr Alex Oshmyanksy and Dr Jake McKnight, when they were students at the University of
Oxford, PullClean encourages people to clean their hands every time they enter and exit a room, making hand hygiene simple and trackable. It was developed to reduce the spread of viruses and infections in any high-footfall setting such as hospitals, care homes, schools and universities, as well as leisure and hospitality venues such as hotels, restaurants, shopping centres and airports.

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